Our geospatial application is called QConut. We are in the testing phase of the application development. The product is open source and once testing is complete the application and its code will be accessible on our GitHub repository.

QConut is a field to cloud geospatial application for landscape management.

Based on the ICT4D process, the application is being developed through harnessing open source technologies to allow for mobile data collection and visulisation using cloud-based processing. Target users will be able to access the app via mobile phone, tablet and desktop interfaces. Current application functionality has developed and trialled tools for:

  • Mapping fields and farm management
  • Field-based forest monitoring
  • Incorporating down-scaled climate projections with farm information to assess field-level climate change vulnerability
  • Capture of kitchen garden management and socio-economic information for seedling distribution prioritisation amongst households

Survey tools are using QField, and we are using PostGIS for database and server development, RShiny as an interface for data query, visualisation and download, and embedding ancillary data on forestry, land use and climate using Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine.

Future functionality will allow for repeat monitoring of landscapes at scale.