Research Questions

Our research aims to develop a geospatial application that will facilitate identification of climate-smart landscape adaptation responses. This will be realised through iterative, co-development of an application through participatory action research; fostering co-production of knowledge with local communities and stakeholders (e.g. agricultural government agencies, farmers associations, human development not-for-profit organisations etc.) in Fiji and Tonga.

Capturing geospatial information using technology

Our questions are:

  1. How can the concepts/tools of participatory mapping, geospatial technologies and climate-smart landscape approaches be collectively harnessed to develop a functional and usable platform to effectively document rich livelihood-landscape-climate knowledge and information?
  2. How can integration of a wider workflow that facilitates knowledge sharing between different stakeholders in multi-use landscapes, and ensures access to plurality of stakeholders (including communities in different landscape settings e.g. inland small-holders versus coastal fishers, male and female farmers, youth, higher-level stakeholders), facilitate cross-level communication?
  3. How can adopting the core principles of participatory action research (PAR) to recognise community members as landscape experts – utilising their local knowledge to understand complex human-environment interactions – empower communities as decision-makers and improve multi-scale landscape management?
  4. How can capturing and elucidating the dynamism between livelihoods, landscapes and climate stressors help in identifying adaptation pathways to build climate resilience within Fiji and Tonga?

What impact will this have?